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Tier 2 Moderate - Risk Public Trust



Gaváta Smith is an experienced Certified Scrum Master, Agile Leader (CAL-E, CAL-T), Project Management Professional (PMP), and Executive Administrator who most recently served as a Governance Strategic Program Analyst in the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). In this capacity, she functioned as an advisor to the Director of IT Enterprise Governance (ITEG), Compliance, Risk, and Remediation (CRR). In providing professional guidance, consultation, and support, Gavata primarily focused on process improvements to assist in achieving ITEG’s mission, vision, short-term and long-term goals. Her research involved both internal and external factors. Her insights on ways of working, agile methodologies, processes, and practices were shared from an enterprise perspective on the working environments within ITEG. These efforts were imperative in her role to assist in the development and implementation of effective strategies. Also in the VA, Gavata simultaneously continued to support the Enterprise Roadmap as a Program Analyst.

Prior to working in this capacity, Gavata was a contractor in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Grant Programs Directorate (FEMA GPD). As a System Trainer and an Administrative Support Specialist, Gavata was often utilized in various capacities allowing her to apply her well- developed leadership, communication, training, organizational skills, Agile and Project Management practices, while supporting and engaging with multiple stakeholders across various projects within FEMA.

Gavata was also valuable because of her experience and ability to assist in Excelicon’s internal initiatives such as ISO and CMMI Audits and Certifications. In addition to 27+ years of experience supporting C-Level Executives, 5+ years in Human Resource (HR) Administration, and 15+ years of People & Process Management, and over 5 years of JIRA/Agile Leadership, Gavata has a keen sense of detail in day-to-day operations such as time/schedule management, scheduling, note taking, problem solving, leadership, team building, proof reading, editing, analytics, reporting, document composition, file management, mitigating risks and scope creep, data research and compilation, weekly/monthly reporting, presentations, managing spreadsheets, and onboarding. Since obtaining her Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification and becoming a member of Project Management Institute (PMI), Gavata governs projects by withholding the standards set forth by PMI, Scrum Alliance and the Agile Practice Guide. As a client-service driven professional, one of her greatest attributes is her continued willingness to learn and incorporate those applicable relevant skills into her current duties and responsibilities.







Washington, DC                                                                                            03/2021 to 03/2023


Role: Governance Strategic Program Analyst; Enterprise Roadmap Program Analyst| Department of Veterans Affairs ITEG CRR Office of Information Technology | Excelicon (Pathfinder Consultants)

  • Consulted on guiding principles of agile methodologies, practices, ceremonies, and meetings.

  • Discussed current ways of working and implemented strategic process improvements.

  • Reviewed archived documents and processes and made recommendations on enhancements and modifications.

  • Provided guidance to staff to streamline processes.

  • Created executive read-ahead materials.

  • Edited and audited documents and presentations, ensuring 508 Compliance.

  • Scheduled and attended meetings with SMEs, Directors, and Senior Level Executives for final decisions.

  • Composed Executive Summaries and departmental emails.

  • Organized and administered the Director’s SharePoint file.

  • Maintained Human Resource (HR) files including but not limited to performance reviews, transfers, details, accolades, and reprimands. (HR)

  • Managed the Director of IT Enterprise Governance’s task tracking system in MS Planner.

  • Completed paperwork to “detail” staff. (HR);

  • Composed an SOP and training deck on “detailing” employees.

  • Planned ahead for potential department or environmental changes.

  • Facilitated meetings for Directors, Senior Level Executives, and Governance Program Managers.

  • Analyzed the strategies that were in place:

    • Internal environment considerations included employee morale, working software that meets the department’s needs, communication practices, operational inefficiencies, and constraints.

    • External environment considerations included changes in the needs of Veterans or the processes/systems that they utilize.

  • Ensured current practices are being implemented and regularly monitored for effectiveness.

  • Provided feedback on all efforts to continually fulfill the mission, vision, and goals of ITEG.

  • Composed weekly and monthly departmental and project reports.

  • Participated in regular stakeholder-engaging meetings to ensure the project’s short- and long-term initiatives were moving along according to schedule.

  • Supported Enterprise Roadmap Planning Division and created a Facilitation Management Plan to assist in their roadmap collaboration with the BIOS (Basic Input/Output Systems) Division.



Role: System Trainer | FEMA GPD Communications, Culture, Analytics, and Training Branch Internal Administrative Support Specialist | Excelicon

  • Provided end user training on FEMA Grants Outcomes (FEMA GO) System and JIRA/Maestro.

  • Assisted in the creation, editing and final review of manuals, SOPs, and training documents.

  • Encouraged staff on training and development.

  • Created and facilitated peer-to-peer training on creating and understanding JIRA/Maestro, Scrum and Kanban boards, backlogs, story requirements, and workflows by utilizing everyday simplistic terminology for non-technical users.

  • Researched information and provided context to CCAT team regarding upcoming initiatives.

  • Transcribed FEMA GPD’s Quarterly Product Roadmap discussion.

  • Created internal and external training documents.

  • Communicated regularly and effectively with clients/stakeholders whether written or verbal.

  • Attended and provided administrative support for the quarterly FEMA GPD Product Roadmap Meeting with special focus on analytics, metrics, and feature demonstrations.


Role: Administrative Support Specialist | FEMA GPD EGS | Risk Management and Policy Division

  • Functioned as the administrator over the Policy and Risk Management JIRA/Maestro Scrum and Kanban Boards.

  • Responsible for workflow and user roles on Projects under the Risk Management and Policy Divisions Atlassian applications.

  • Facilitated training Branch Chiefs, Senior Executives, and end users on Kanban Boards.

  • Provided ad hoc team leadership support in the absence of the Delivery Manager.

  • Managed the 1109 Stakeholders Project by scheduling, assigning suitable team members, providing thorough meeting notes, and managing all project documents within Teams.

  • Acted as the back-up Project Delivery Manager to a team of up to 16 individuals.

  • Attended and provided administrative support for the quarterly FEMA GPD Product Roadmap Meeting with special focus on analytics, metrics, and feature demonstrations.

  • Instructed and guided staff on unsure initiatives and how to effectively communicate with clients/stakeholders to understand their need.

  • Co-lead the document editing process for the entire GPD team. This involved both a 508 Compliance and a quality assurance check before releasing deliverables to stakeholders.

  • Provided administrative support to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Grant Programs Directorate for Enterprise Grant Services.

  • Collaborated with various departments on best practices of Maestro/JIRA throughout FEMA GPD.

  • Took comprehensive meeting notes whenever required.

  • Created SOPs and other required documents as requested by stakeholders and/or as necessary for an initiative.

  • Trained two divisions which included nine branch chiefs on JIRA (Maestro) in practical everyday terms so that the departments were compliant according to the Director’s orders. This training was the catalyst for all employees being trained properly and utilizing a system that most of them had never seen or used before. In creating an SOP, a quick-start-slide-deck, training video, providing one-on-one, group and peer-to-peer training, I ensured that the users understood backlogs, epics, story requirements, and workflows.


Role: Internal Auditing, Project Management and Leadership | Excelicon

  • Managed PMO Documents including creating the company’s Scope Management Plan.

  • Successfully renewed the company’s ISO 9001-2015 Recertification needed for their government contracting status by training delivery/project managers on GAP reports and giving instructions on the acceptable requirements and artifacts needed for the audit. Additionally, I provided feedback on presentations and facilitated mock interviews in preparation of the live review.

  • Prepared organizational presentations, collected artifacts, reconciled GAP reports, ensured accuracy of requirements, organized meetings, met with and trained Delivery Managers on the ISO/CMMI Certification processes, standards, artifacts, requirements and documents.

  • Offered peer-to-peer guidance for educational and professional growth. Consulted coworkers on career paths and goals.



Easy Dynamics

McLean, VA                                                                                                   06/2018 to 02/2021


Role: Operations Analyst | Executive Office Administrator

  • Certified Scrum Master (Agile Project Management)

  • Utilized SharePoint; Office 365; Deltek/Costpoint; Planner; Atlassian (Jira/Confluence)

  • Created and modified documents proficiently in Microsoft Office. (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Converted and edited PDF’s in Adobe and FoxIt.

  • Uploaded files and posted announcements on the company’s intranet. (SharePoint Portal)

  • Both facilitated and participated in Sprints, Daily Standup, Scrum, and Project Management meetings.

  • Created the COVID19 Back-to-Work Preparedness Plan.

  • Created company’s Operation Manual in Confluence.

  • Built forms, communicated through, uploaded, and digitally categorized files in Microsoft Teams.

  • Managed conference room setup and scheduling.

  • Coordinated company move into new office space utilizing agile methodologies and JIRA due to the pandemic. Acted as POC for all communication including time restraints, furniture deliveries, inventory, office and cubical setup, etc.

  • Purchased new office furniture and assisted in the new office design planning.

  • Negotiated pricing with vendors for swag and office stationery.

  • Ordered employee business cards and company stationery.

  • Planned, organized, researched venues, booked, and scheduled the organization’s social events, business meetings, in office lunches, happy hours and monthly birthday celebrations.

  • Scheduled travel and out of state transportation for all employees including CEO, COO, VPs all C-Level Executives.

  • Registered employees for conferences and paid for training.

  • Processed and distributed mail / packages which includes the scanning of documents, receipts, and postal visits.

  • Inventoried, stocked, and ordered office and kitchen supplies.

  • Paid for monthly supplies, company events, employee training/certifications. and travel with my company issued Visa card.

  • Created and securely maintained a repository of Executive Staff company credit card information.

  • Ordered, tracked, and managed costs of customization and distribution of company branded apparel.

  • Set up access cards/key fobs to office.

  • Assisted various departments in internet research and/or document collection or data.

  • Kept open availability for remote and off – company – hour needs and demands.

  • Assigned and labeled desks for new employees and for post-covid return.

  • Reported all maintenance concerns to the building management.

  • Enforced prompt entry of employee timekeeping.

  • Assisted in creating a Facilities Management and Office Operations Manual.


Role: HRIS Specialist

  • Acted as the HR Director during the time of position vacancy performing all leadership, HRIS, guidance, and employee performance actions.

  • Completed SHRM Certificate (LinkedIn) Administrative Human Resources.

  • Performed internal audits in HR for ISO/CMMI Compliance.

  • Trained the new Vice President of HR on the organization’s HR & HRIS processes, practices, and procedures and on onboarding utilizing Deltek ATS and JIRA.

  • Secured HR’s Pii data.

  • Audited HRIS Systems and documents.

  • Created and managed reports.

  • Scheduled and performed both in person and online new hire orientations.

  • Maintained repository of company formatted resumes for government contract submission. Occasionally updated or formatted the resumes for Business Development.

  • Responded to HR Service Desk Tickets.

  • Created Knowledge Base (KB) Articles for frequent HR questions and issues.

  • Utilized Deltek Talent Management (TM) and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to enter job requisitions, upload resumes, and track candidate progress.

  • Provided ad hoc reports on metrics, stats or requested subject matters consultations.

  • Onboarded employees using Employee Navigator, including uploading I9 documentation.

  • Maintained spreadsheets on employee internal/external titles, job codes, compensation, yearly merit increase comparisons, salary bands, changes in project managers and report inconsistencies to VP of HR and Accounting Department for clarity or corrections.

  • Implemented, provided training on, and maintained the Review Snap Performance Review System.

  • Developed a system to track metrics on employee turnover and details of termination.

  • Regularly updated Pingboard to maintain an accurate org chart.

  • Performed HireRight background screenings and submitted U.S. Employment Eligibility requirements to eVerify.

  • Assisted in compiling data, formulating, and understanding job codes for compensation analysis from

  • Prepared monthly resource utilization reports.

  • Scheduled all phone, video and in person interviews; coordinated schedules throughout the talent acquisition team and other department leads.

  • Instituted and coordinated monthly office massages for staff.

  • Journaled minutes of weekly Resource Management Meetings.

  • Accurately tracked information regarding employee training and CERTS (Certifications).

  • Tracked employee expenditures for training and certifications.

  • Spearheaded the annual employee evaluation process, including creating timelines, collecting, scanning, and uploading assessment forms.

  • Assisted Career Managers with annual review meeting scheduling.

  • Scanned and emailed clearance documents to our CORE within government agencies.

  • Provided support to HR Vice President in any requested capacity.


Role: CEO & COO’s Assistant

  • Organized CEO and COO personal and business travel.

  • Managed CEO and COO personal and business schedules; prioritized and resolved any conflicts.

  • Communicated with internal and external parties to arrange meetings.

  • Converted CEO’s handwritten meeting notes into electronic formatting.

  • Entered CEO and COO expenses and time into Deltek Costpoint System.

  • Registered CEO and COO for conferences.

  • Researched contacts, external meeting attendees, and other data upon request.

  • Made reservations, both personal and business, for lunches, dinners, anniversaries, and social events; coordinated with their external attendees.

  • Remained available for 24 hour calls and access.



JDC Unleashed

Springfield, VA                                                                                              04/2018 to 01/2019


Role: Executive Assistant to the CEO


  • Made conference and travel arrangements, prioritized schedule, created memorandums, manuals, SOP’s, presentations and business documents, researched pricing, attended events, traveled, performed executive, clerical, and administrative tasks, followed directives of the CEO.

  • Conveyed employee concerns to the CEO and provided leadership and guidance in HR instances.



JWL Consulting

Falls Church, VA                                                                                           03/2018 to 05/2018


Role: Cognosante Human Resource Records Assistant – Short Term Contractor

  • Utilize SharePoint, Workday and Taleo Systems to develop a repository of over 30,000 resumes.

  • Audited resumes, created a repository, and formulated a database utilizing unstructured data and reorganizing that into a structured format.



Freelance Executive/ Administrative, Legal Support

DC Metro Area                                                                                               12/2015 to 01/2018


Role: Self Employed / Temp-for-Hire / 1099 Contractor

  • Self-marketed and worked for various direct hire employers who were in need of or utilizing staffing firms for executive, administrative, clerical, copy center, mailroom, real estate documents, or legal support on a non-contractual short term, long term, or permanent basis.



Evangelical Training Association

Wheaton, IL                                                                                                   08/2014 – Dormant


Role: Class Instructor/ Facilitator / Teacher (Licensed)

  • Taught up to 20 adult students a 4 year / 16 Course Bible Institute Curriculum



Maryland Mobile Notary and Consulting, LLC (Formerly: King’s Mobile Notary Service - Self Employed)

Prince George’s County Maryland                                                              01/2004 – CURRENT


Role: Mobile Notary, Owner

  • Performed notarial acts within the State of Maryland; contracted to local probate attorneys to notarize documents pertaining to wills, estates, and probate.

  • Prepared and accurately maintained records and books of all services provided including AR/AP.



Keeper’s Staffing; Ultimate Staffing; Career Blazers

Washington, DC                                                                                            06/2003 – 07/2008


Role: Executive / Administrative and Legal Support Temp-for-Hire

  • Answered and redirected calls, scheduled appointments, planned events, organized conferences, initiated, and confirmed travel plans.

  • Processed mail, international faxing, file redacting, and documents reproduction.

  • While on legal assignments I researched data on Lexis Nexis, utilized Elite Enterprise, opened and closed matters; prepared and proofed filings and motions; improved mailroom and copy center operations by streamlining and creating processes; docketed all incoming, outgoing, domestic and foreign correspondence within an Intellectual Property / Patent Prosecution Law Firm



Pitney Bowes Government Solutions

Landover, MD                                                                                                08/2003 – 10/2005


Role: Copy Center / Mailroom Manager for Government Contracts (Library of Congress; Institute for Defense Analysis)

  • As a customer service professional in a leadership role, I ensured moral and collaboration amongst staff was high by exuding a positive attitude while providing training on various tasks.

  • In leading a team of 15, I was responsible for prioritizing tasks, delegating duties, scheduling, payroll processing, compiling weekly and monthly reports.

  • In this capacity I interviewed potential candidate, evaluated, held performance reviews, recommended, and hired employees.

  • Increased inventory control was increase by over 80% and we prevented company losses (frequent evaluation of P/L). Additionally, quality control was impeccable.

  • Utilized various sales tactics to conceptualized for business development.





Technical Institute of America, Online – 2022

Agile Certified Practitioner Course Completion


George Washington University School of Business, Washington, DC – 2021

Project Management Essential Course Completion


SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), Online – 2020

 Human Resource Essentials


Evangelical Training Collegiate Association, Wheaton, IL– 2016

BA, Leadership in Ministry Degree


Kaplan College, Online – 2004

AA, Paralegal Studies



CERTIFICATIONS (12 Industry Certifications)


  • Project Management Professional (PMP), 2022

  • Certified DISC Leadership Manager, 2023

  • Certified Agile Leader for Teams (CAL-T), 2022

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Project Manager, 2022

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (LSSYB), 2022

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB), 2022

  • Certified Project Manager / Star Six Sigma, 2022

  • Certified Agile Leader Essentials (CAL-E), 2021

  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM), 2020

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 Internal Auditor Training Certification, 2020

  • Business Office Management Certification I and II – DLLR, 2011



All aspects of Agile and Project Management practices, including training development, ISO and CMMI Internal Audits, C-Level Executives Support, Human Resource Administration, People & Process Management, day-to-day operations such as scheduling, note taking, problem solving, leadership, team building, proof reading, editing, time management, analytics, reporting, document composition, file management, mitigating risks, data research and compilation, weekly/monthly reporting, presentations, managing spreadsheets, and onboarding.




Agile:               Atlassian JIRA/Maestro, Confluence Microsoft Office; Office 365; SharePoint

HR Systems:   Workday, Taleo, Deltek Talent Management, Employee Navigator, ReviewSnap, HireRight, Pingboard, eVerify

Legal:              PACER, LexisNexis, Westlaw Accounting: Costpoint, Peachtree, Quickbooks

Other:              Elite Enterprise, Adobe, FoxIt, Medical Manager, Lotus Notes





Owner: Maryland Mobile Notary and Consulting Services               Forestville, MD            2022


Author: GET YOURSELF TOGETHER FIRST                                                                     2018

This book has also become the catalyst to me becoming a Public Speaker which is also a licensed business in the State of Maryland.

Note: I created and published all press releases, performed marketing, television and book- signing scheduling, and directed staff accordingly. (Interview List Below)    


  • All Things Baltimore Interview (11/13/18)

  • What’s The Deal Podcast Interview (11/28/18)

  • AWIC TV / Podcast Interview (2/3/19)

  • WHUR Digital TV Interview (05/16/19)

  • The Daily Drum 96.3 WHUR FM /SiriusXM 141 Radio Interview (05/23/19)

  • The Good Word Fox 5 News DC Interview (07/03/19)

  • Forgiveness Friday Facebook TV Interview (08/30/19)

  • Great Day Washington WUSA9 Interview (9/5/19)


Volunteer: Catholic Charities ReEntry Program       Washington, DC 2019 – Present


GYTF Conversations Podcast Host (See GAVATA SMITH YouTube Channel) 2021 – Present

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