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My New Book is Now Available Online 

The release of my first book is HERE !  This book is a true story about healing, forgiveness and restoration between a mother, who was addicted to drugs for 24 years, and a daughter who longed for her mother's love and attention, but became a victim of sexual abuse which essentially lead her life on a downward spiral. God was able to heal, deliver, restore and set free...
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Motivational Speaker

Gaváta is a student at Calvary Bible Institute in Washington, DC, seeking her degree in Ministry. She is very passionate about encouraging others and sharing the healed scars of her past. While Public Speaking often becomes the catalyst to her passion, she is also a Christian Educator {Approved through her 4 year education at Evangelical Training Association (ETA)}. Gaváta has her Leadership in Ministry Degree from ETA. She has often been categorized as a “career student” and a “future preacher”. Her spiritual gifting is that of Administration, Teaching, Apostleship, and Evangelism.  In accepting that this all may be true, she stays faithful and loyal to all that God has both instilled in and revealed to her and the church home of GMCHC where God has strategically placed her.  She continues to pray, worship, study and be of service where ever the Lord leads.

"Ministry is service and I will serve Christ by delivering The Word of God through Mime"


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